Cutting width 1250 / 1510 / 1740 / 2045 / 2350 mm, alternatively 2x1250 / 2x1510 / 2x1740 / 2x2045 / 2x2350 mm. Quick exchange: Cutting bar for quick exchange (15 min)
Continous cleaning Continuous air supply for cleaning comes from a high pressure blower. The air comes out directly behind the fingers, at both sides of the cutting table and at the entrance to the inlet auger.
Rape extension 400 mm extensions to increase the distance between knife and inlet auger from 515 mm to 900 mm. To avoid loss during rape harvesting.
Inlet auger Diam. 520 mm, quick adjustment of the height, hydraulic drive/reversing.
Knife and crop lifters with hydraulic drive, 300 cuts/min, crop lifter on every third finger.
Reel No wrapping reel. The pick up angle is easily adjustable for a wide variety of crops. Hydraulic drive.
Diam. 1000 mm, 5 bars, horizontal adjustment 350 mm
Speed: variable from 0-40 rpm, lifting height above fingers 400 mm.
Inlet chain hydraulic drive/reversing.