The HarvestManager is a program developed for the agriculture research. You can establish and  manage plots, harvest your field and get the overview over the harvest process.

Following functions can be operated by HarvestManager:

·      Field creation and management: Define plots as well as the direction of travel

·      Assign plots to research: Specify the research plot or select it with your mouse. Enter the codes and research data's

·      Assign fields for harvesting to the field plan. Specify the plots or select them with your mouse

·      Import the field plan from CSV or PIAF files

·      Enter different values, such as weight, moisture, temperature. Display of actual results

·      Label printing of harvested plots. Protocols of harvesting procedure

·      Connection and control of different near infra red spectroscopy NIRS (Zeiss Corona, Perten, Polytec)


HarvestManager - Clear Design with all important Values HarvestManager - Create field HarvestManager - Create test HarvestManager - Select subfields with mouse HarvestManager - Create subfields


Following functions can be operated by SeederManager:

·      Customizing fields for seeding with the possibility, to define sub-fields with different kinds of crops

·      The “grain counter” shows the exact number of grains, separated by the individual sowing slits

·      Plots and sub-fields can be defined easily

·      Defining of sub-fields and the way of driving is possible just as with HarvestManager


SeederManager - Clear field view SeederManager - Create field SeederManager - Grain counter SeederManager - Sequence settings