Training start at Haldrup and Inoclad in Ilshofen 


At 1st September 2017, HALDRUP and INOCLAD companies welcomed twelve new trainees at the headquarters in Ilshofen. Seselia Mosiashvili, Shajila Butt and Annalena Bay started their internship as industrial business management assistants and Ella Rein as an industrial mechanic. Aleyna Sentürk and Tamara Kraus want to become technical product designers. Larissa Butz (draftsman), Falk Immel (technical systems planner) and Dominic Doms (industrial business management assistant) started their internship at INOCLAD Engineering.

Three trainees of Fenster Werner in Darmstadt came to Ilshofen on their first working day since the company belongs to INOCLAD since 2015. Lea Hartmann, Janika Guerrero and Karsten Kretschmer will became in draftsman, office management and in glazier respectively.


Managing director Tanja Palatzky and HR specialist Ruth Botsch informed them in detail about the different industry sectors and lines of actions of the INOGROUP companies. That´s why the job beginners had the task to introduce the different companies by a “getting-to-know-you-activity”.

During a tour of the company they could see how the planning and production of facades (INOCLAD engineering) and the construction of machines for field research (HALDRUP) get together. Also, they could see how the different products are made on these machines

During their internship the 27 trainees will go through different departments according to their orientation. Like the headquarters in Ilshofen, Fenster Werner in Darmstadt attaches importance to an extensive and well-grounded internship.

The managing directory emphasized that the possibility to learn a job at the INOGROUP is versatile. Except of the named jobs the group of companies also offers apprenticeships as qualified IT specialist for systems integration or application development, mechatronics engineer or warehouseman.

“Lately we get increased applications for internships abroad or assistance in our branches in Europe and the US. At the same time there are more and more requests from students, who want HALDRUP and INOCLAD to be their dual partner.” reports Tanja Palatzky. “Therefore, we offer interesting tenders!” Currently two employees of INOCLAD engineering carry out their studies at the DHBW in Mosbach in facade engineering. It is possible to do a dual curriculum in business management or informatics at the INOGROUP.