HALDRUP announces expansion into North America

Of the more than 7 billion people who live on this planet, almost 1 billion – or nearly 15% – live in a permanent state of malnourishment. It is out of a desire to increase food production and eliminate this state that the Scientific and Agricultural communities work diligently to develop crops that demonstrate increased yields, increased disease resistance, and increased drought resistance.

The Field Research Industry plays a key role in this work, and HALDRUP is pleased to support this industry with production of the highest quality field research equipment. We are pleased to announce our continued role in the global effort to feed the nations with the expansion of the HALDRUP brand to include production, service, and sales through HALDRUP USA.

On Thursday, November 6, 2014, ground was broken in Northeastern Indiana for the HALDRUP USA production facility. Local and state officials joined members of the community and the HALDRUP team to celebrate this important development. The 20,000+ square foot facility will be operational by the third quarter of 2015 and will create 65 jobs within the upcoming months.

The HALDRUP USA division will support North and South American field research with a local team of professionals including service technicians, engineers, sales representatives, and skilled production workers. While construction of the facility is progressing, operations are well underway to service existing HALDRUP equipment in service in the United States and to introduce the high quality HALDRUP products more completely to the market.

HALDRUP main offices are located in Ilshofen, Germany. Northeastern Indiana – specifically Ossian, the site of HALDRUP USA – and Ilshofen share many common characteristics including climate, vegetation, agriculture, and – most importantly – good, honest, hard-working people. While these two communities are separated by more than 4,000 miles, they are now united in a common purpose to make this world a better place for more than 7 billion people.

HALDRUP USA Ground bracking 2014  R. Hofmann - President of HALDRUP USA  HALDRUP USA

M. Pence - Governor  M. Stutzman - Congressman  Willkommen - The future sight of HALDRUP USA