Strong interest in our products

Just like every year, the HALDRUP internal fair took place on Dec. 2nd and 3rd. This year however, customers and prospects consisting of representatives from universities, food corps and plant breeders came not only from within Europe. We were more than happy to welcome visitors from North America and China as well. All guests were strongly interested in HALDRUP’s varied program.

Many international speakers from e.g. England or Switzerland, operating in the area of field research, gave specialist lectures and thereby provided thought- provoking impulses. During the driver and safety training on a new HALDRUP plot combine, our visitors were able to personally experience the latest HALDRUP technology. Thoughts towards a safer operation during practical use were greatly appreciated by the HALDRUP team. Interested guests were furthermore invited to participate in a plant tour to get an overview of all the departments. The entire HALDRUP product range was presented in the new exhibition hall. Of course, the HALDRUP team gave a good overview of new developments and innovations in the HALDRUP product range. Apart from enhancements to plot combines, new developments regarding plot seed technology were particularly focused on.

In the field research industry, it is now possible to execute the entire planning and control of the seed process from your office PC. The plan data is then transferred to the seeder. In conjunction with a GPS system, seeding with an accuracy of 2 cm can be done at any spot in the field. This relieves the operators and leads to increased productivity. Thanks to further HALDRUP quality management solutions, operating errors have been ruled out. Our customers were greatly interested in the many possibilities resulting from the extended lab machine program; the HALDRUP team received many requests for quotations. HALDRUP can now cover the entire data management process chain for research technicians – from seeding to harvesting. Apart from well-established solutions, the HALDRUP Assessment Manager now covers the time period between seeding and harvesting.

The grand finale of the first day of the internal fair consisted of an evening program with musical entertainment. Many visitors were excited about the great prices they had won in the HALDRUP raffle.

Due to the large number of visitors and the great customer interest, HALDRUP plans on hosting the next internal fair for our expert audience in December 2016.

This year, the HALDRUP product range was presented in the new exhibition hall.