Over 40 years of HALDRUP

...is built into all of our machines!



New generation Twin Shaker HALDRUP CTS-95 is released                                            

HALDRUP USA hosts first customer appreciation day and open house in March             



HALDRUP USA team moves into the new production and administration building in Ossian, Indiana, in November



Further expansion of the administration and production areas in Ilshofen, Germany



Ground breaking for the HALDRUP USA production facility in November with the former Indiana governor Mike Pence, today Vice President

Foundation of HALDRUP USA CORP. in Indiana in October 2014                                            



HALDRUP offers nearly all machines for the field research sector



HALDRUP employs over 100 employees for the first time and starts a serial production



Expansion of sales activities to USA, South America & Russia



HALDRUP invests in the expansion of the production site Ilshofen, Germany



Development and production of machine type laboratory thresher

Establishment of a service- and sales-branch in Sargé-les Le Mans, France



Acquisition of J. HALDRUP a/s by intoec Engineering GmbH

Merger of the two brands inotec and HALDRUP to one brand: HALDRUP



Moving into the new production facility of inotec Engineering GmbH in Ilshofen, Germany


2005 - 2007

Production of the “big” plot combines Twin Axial and Twin Shaker



Development of HarvestManager Software for harvesting machines



inotec Engineering takes over sales operations of HALDRUP harvesting machines in Germany

Therefore, the needs for seeders and harvesting machines for the field research sector can be covered



Market launch of plot seeder. Within the following years further seeders are developed and produced

Foundation of the company inotec Engineering GmbH in Ilshofen, Germany by Bernd Kettemann,
Andreas Hessenthaler & Rüdiger Hofmann

It was the idea to develop and produce innovative seeding-machines for the field research- and assembly sector, which are precisely tailored to customer’s needs


1987 - 1999

With the enlargement of the production site in Denmark the production of various machines began: Swath mower, maize harvester & maize unit, tool carrier,…
So the spectrum of harvesting technology can be covered completely



Start of production of the plot combine for field research



J. HALDRUP a/s settled in Logstor, Denmark, with production hall and administration building

Foundation of J.HALDRUP a/s in Denmark with production of grass harvester


Jens Haldrup.
Company founder of J.HALDRUP a/s

Picture from 1972