The Laboratory thresher and cleaner HALDRUP LT-20 is a laboratory thresher for use with individual plants, bundles and small plots, compatible for cereals as well as vegetables.  Up to 10 plants could be threshed in one operation.

His solid and concise construction allows a rapid and simple threshing operation of all kind of crops with good visibility on the threshing process.   

Thanks to his secure and specific corn feeding table construction no grain loss during bag opening (especially good for rape).

Stepless continous wind speed adjustment gives a maximum cleaning of the threshed crop.
The Laboratory thresher and cleaner HALDRUP LT-20 is specially made for small grains ensuring a perfect separation of grain, dust and chaff.

Individual production

All our machines are customized. You have the possibility to invest in a machine fitting exactly to your specific needs.



LT-20: Treshing Trial Wheat
LT-20: Treshing Trial Awned Wheat



LT-20: Treshing Trial Lupin
LT-20: Treshing Trial Spelt