Review of well-attended open house days

As every single year, the Internation Haldrup Exhibition took place again in Ilshofen. On the 21th and 22th November, customers from all over the world were kindly welcomed.
Customers from Germany, different countries of Europe and even from far places like China and Brazil were able to see in person the wide variety of products offered by Haldrup.

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Managing Director Bernd Kettemann and Sales Manager Anna Sprinzl have traditionally provided an overview of the innovations of 2017.
To mention some of the new developments achived, the F-55 grass harvester header that is now 1,25m wide.
Lab thresher (LT-20, LT-35 & LT-50) can now be easily mounted on a trailer, which allows the tests to be carried out directly in the field. The air supply is done by an air compressor unit, and is powered by a generator.

The new C-85 Plot Combine is now powered by an AdBlue engine. The front and rear axles have been upgraded.
The C-70 plot combine was introduced as a new 2017 model development. Compared to the C-65, it has a higher capacity and larger steering wheels. It owns a cleaning system with straws. The C-70 provides better separation of the material and increases crop performance.
In addition, the camera control system of the plot combines has been further developed and has now an anti-fog system. Consequently, the visibility has been increased from 180 ° to 360 °, which provides more security and control.
This year our suppliers have informed our customers in detail with their stands. The suppliers that were present were Hoopmann, Zeiss, Geo-Konzept, Perten, Norogard and Polytec.

2017`s half-hour tour of the factory has aroused great interest. Accompanied by a Haldrup employee, customers were able to have a look behind the scenes of the company.
Interesting lectures by the Bavarian State Institute, Perten, Norogard and the DLF provided also varied program.

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For example, the company DLF Seeds and Science informed about grass seed`s breading and what is needed until the grass can be used in the home gardens or at the Russian Football World Cup 2018.

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In order to fulfill the high demand in the HarvestManager and SeedManager trainings, they were held in English and German this time.

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To conclude, and after a rich evening buffet, the guests were entertained by the live band "Maggie & Conny".

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