To all the visitors of our HALDRUP Internal Fair 2014

We would like to sincerely thank all of our guests for visiting us in Ilshofen on 2nd and 3rd December!

On the occasion of our 10th Internal Fair, we are very proud to set a new visitor record with international guests.

As every year, we received big interest for our machine exhibition. In addition to our laboratory machines, our SP-35 Single Row Seeder and our D-45 Swathmower with caterpillar drive, our Plot Combines C-85 and C-60 could be visited. A special highlight was our newly developed HALDRUP C-95 Heavy Duty Plot Combine.

A big thank you goes to our speakers Mr. Erling Hisselholm from Sejet Planteforedling, Denmark, Mr. Alan Lovatt from Aberystwyth University in Wales, UK, as well as to Mr. Matthias Patzwald from company Zeiss, Germany, for the very informative presentations.

All the presentations for you to download:



We would like to wish all of you a successful year 2015 and we are already looking forward to seeing many of you soon on DLG Technikertagung in Soest on 27 and 28 January 2015 at our booth!


HALDRUP Open Days 2014  Bernd Kettemann - Anna Sprinzl  Bernd Kettemann

Erling Hisselholm  Matthias Patzwald  Alan Lovatt

Jens Haldrup - Anna Sprinzl  HALDRUP Open Days 2014 1  HALDRUP C85 - HALDRUP D-45 - HALDRUP C-60

HALDRUP Open Days 2014 2  HALDRUP Open Days 2014 3  HALDRUP Open Days 2014 4

HALDRUP Open Days 2014 5  HALDRUP Open Days 2014 6  HALDRUP Open Days 2014 7