Trade report DLG Technikertagung in Soest 2014

The 45th DLG Technician Conference in Soest, Germany, took place on 28th and 29th January 2014 and was also this year a great opportunity for company HALDRUP for a lot of constructive discussions and intensive exchange of ideas among specialists. First of all we want to thank all visitors of our fair stand for the great interest!

The Technician Conference in Soest is the ideal platform to inform us about the developments and trends in the field research and to present our product range and our news to our customers. The presentation of our new grain counter HALDRUP GCP-20 attracted much interest. It is equipped with a removable carousel, roller forwarding and filling automatic and counts grains like maize, soy bean and sunflower seed with high speed and precision.

Furthermore, we were able to present a selection of our established laboratory machines on our fair stand to all interested people. We displayed our HALDRUP DC-20 densimetric sorting and cleaning column, our LT-20 laboratory thresher and cleaner as well as the laboratory threshers LT-21 and LT-35. In the outdoor area our visitors had the opportunity to see our belt cone seeder HALDRUP SB-25 with inotec single disc coulters as well as the both HALDRUP plot combines C-65 and C-85. All our machines are of high quality and customized to your needs.


One little note: As some visitors asked us how many liters HALDRUP-beer fit inside a C-85 grain tank, here is the solving:

Exactly 1200 liters of HALDRUP-beer fit in our grain tank, with grain tank extension even 2500 liters :)


As always, the conference was organized extremely well and we would like to thank the organizers for the smooth and pleasant running and look forward to next year in Soest where we hopefully will enjoy HALDRUP-beer with you together again!