Review of well-attended open house days 2019

Our open days took place this year for the 15th time from November 19 to November 20, 2019. In order to be able to view almost our entire product portfolio, numerous visitors came from Germany and we also welcomed guests from China, Russia, England, Ireland and France.

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Visitors were able to get an overview of our innovations and further developments at the presentation of our managing director Bernd Kettemann and our sales director Anna Sprinzl.
For example, the new design of the LT-35 laboratory thresher was presented. The SP-35 precision seeder has been given a new, more user-friendly control system with which it can be controlled via the mobile phone. The new SP-30 was also presented. It is a more compact precision seed drill that is lighter than e.g. the SP-35. Customers could also see how quickly the front tires of the C-70 plot combine could be changed in order to change the track width from 1.25 m to 1.50 m.
Another lecture followed by Mr. Lorenz Oberndorfer from the Bayerischen Staatsgüter i.G. about the HALDRUP i-flow moisture measurement system in practice. He reported on his experience with the new system, as well as on the structure of the Bayerischen Staatsgüter that are currently being established.
Finally, Bernd Rehberger spoke about the news on the HarvestManager software.

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In a new exhibition hall, customers were able to view all of our laboratory equipment and get information from some of our suppliers. This year we have welcomed the companies trial-tec, SPÄNEX, Polytec, geo-Konzept, PWA and Zeiss. As in the previous year, the trial-tec company aroused great interest with its plot sprayers. At the stand of SPÄNEX, you could see how their dust extraction system works in the laboratory, as it was displayed with two HALDRUP laboratory threshers. The companies Polytec and Zeiss once again provided detailed information about NIRS spectroscopy, while at the stand of PWA customers were able to test toughbooks.

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In addition to a booth where they provided detailed information about GPS systems and Topcon, the company geo-Konzept also offered a well-attended workshop.
To give customers more insight into the software, the HarvestManager training took place this year after the in-house exhibition for one day. It was also possible to respond to specific customer questions and the participants received a proved knowledge of the HarvestManager. Customers from Germany, England, Ireland and Ukraine took part in this training.

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This year, the exhibition contained almost our entire product portfolio, from the seeders to the boom spreader and the forage harvester to the plot combine and the laboratory equipment. The laboratory equipment could also all be tested on site so that the customer could thresh or clean his own samples at the open days.


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This year there was also a rich buffet for lunch and dinner. On Tuesday night, the duo "Maggie & Conny" performed again and entertained the guests.

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